Are you a Risk Mitigation Super Hero?

Are you a Risk Mitigation Super Hero? … You can be! In this edition of the FIG we offer some perspectives on why it’s important to coordinate “Living Benefits” into your insurance …

Council for Disability Awareness Logo

It’s Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Disability Insurance Awareness Month is officially underway. This year’s Council for Disability Awareness campaign theme is: “Income Protection Through Every Stage of Life.” In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking about the importance of …

Chronic Illness Riders

CEO of Fortify Insurance, Susan Wilson, discusses a great solution for clients that have been declined for LTC, LTC Riders or LTC Hybrids but are insurable for Life Insurance (even …

Basics of Selling IDI

Inside 3 minutes Court discusses how to explain the 3 ways an Individual Disability Income Insurance pays to a client so they understand how the policy works!

A Lifetime of Planning

Court discusses how to position Protection as part of a Lifetime of Planning. The Lifetime of Planning flowchart can be a powerful tool to help clients better understand how to approach Financial Planning from ages 20 to 80.