Major IUL Enhancements from Lincoln Financial

Increased Target and Expanded CI Rider Availability

    Our colleagues at Lincoln have announced a major enhancement to the WealthAccumulate IUL: A 25% increase in Target Premiums on new and previously sold business! This enhancement, coupled with more choices than ever for clients seeking to establish a risk management strategy for future Chronic Illness costs make WealthAccumulate a worthy contender for your next IUL case. Read on for the details!
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Increased Target Premiums on Lincoln WealthAccumulate


  • Target premiums will be increased by 25% across all cells for new business and previously sold business
  • Includes target premiums for:
    • Base policy
    • Exec Rider
    • Lincoln LifeEnhance Accelerated Benefits Rider

Transition Guidelines:

  • Policies placed on or after September 10, 2018 will automatically receive the new, higher target premiums.
  • Compensation paid on policies placed before September 10, 2018 will be adjusted to reflect the target premium improvements. These adjustments will occur after September 10 and are expected to be completed by the end of September 2018. Impacted distribution partners will be notified as appropriate.
  • Please see the Lincoln Leader for full transition guidelines.

Additional Product and Rider Approvals

  • Lincoln LifeAssure Accelerated Benefits Rider – Now Available on Lincoln VULONE
  • Exec Rider now available on Lincoln WealthAccumulate IUL
  • Lincoln WealthAccumulate IUL and Lincoln WealthPreserve IUL – California now Available

Full transition rules for the WealthAccumulate Target Premium increase as well as the balance of the product and rider approvals are available in the Lincoln Leader.