Major Changes to Symetra’s Term Insurance Products

Major Changes to Symetra’s Term Insurance Product at Larger Face Amounts

    Symetra wants your term insurance business! They’ve introduced a new Term Insurance product designed to compete for your larger cases. The new rates are extremely competitive for face amounts of $2.5MM and up, they’re underwriting is on point and all of this is just in time to help drive Q4 sales with Symetra. Read on for the details!

Introducing Symetra’s New Term Life Insurance

From Symetra…

At Symetra, we’re always fine-tuning our products to ensure they are competitive, fulfill your clients’ financial needs and help you build your business. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new Symetra Term Life Insurance product.Designed for business and family protection, our new Symetra Term offers even more competitive pricing than before, with larger price breaks on policies with face amounts of $2.5 million and above. It will be available for sale starting Sept. 17, 2018.

Transition Rules:

    • Sept. 7, 2018: Quotes for Symetra’s new 2018 term product will be available on Winflex and Symetra Life Illustrator and the major quote engines, along with their current term product.
    • Sept. 16, 2018: To receive Symetra’s current term product, applications must be signed on or before this date.
    • Sept. 17, 2018:
      • The new term product will be available for sale in approved states. Applications will be available on, iPipeline, Laser App and Winflex.
      • Symetra will no longer accept informal applications for our new term product, unless face amounts are $2.5 million and above.
      • Quotes for Symetra’s current term product will no longer be available on Winflex, Symetra Life Illustrator or Symetra Express. Application is also no longer available through Symetra Express.
      • All formal applications signed on or after this date will automatically receive the new term product.
    • Nov. 16, 2018: All current term cases must be issued/paid or they will be closed.