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"100 million US workers are without Income Protection and 67% of private sector workers have no long term Disability Insurance."
Fortify Insurance Group provides disability insurance coverage matching your exact needs while making the process turn-key. [ more + ]
“My agency has worked with Fortify Insurance Group for the past few years, and have been very impressed with their devotion to the marketplace, the knowledge of products and the ease of doing business with them. Courtney is the best DI guy that I have met in my 40 plus years in the business, and his staff is incomparable in their processing, follow up and policy service support.”
Chartered Life Underwriter; Bridgewater, NJ
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"35 million American households are uninsured and half say they need more life insurance."
Choosing a quality term life insurance policy from a trusted name is important to help protect your loved ones from the financial hardship a loss can cause. Fortify Insurance Group has over 12 years of experience in providing life insurance that's a fit for all lifestyles. [ more + ]
"Fortify Insurance Group's knowledge of the disability/life markets is extensive. Courtney has been in our shoes and understands what we need to succeed. His enthusiasm is contagious."
Certified Financial Planner; Greenwich, CT
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Why Owners Bought An Annuity?
  • 78% of annuity owners report buying an annuity as a source of retirement income.
  • 83% of annuity owners report buying an annuity to ensure against they or their spouse outliving their life expectancy.
  • 88% of annuity owners cite the tax advantages of annuities as strong reason for why they purchased them. 87% of annuity owners believe they've done a very good job at preparing for retirement, and most believe their funds to be sufficient.
  • 49% of annuity owners are concerned that serious illness or nursing home care will bankrupt them in retirement. Many believe a deferred annuity covers them against this risk.
  • 59% of annuity owners express little concern about having to cut back their standard of living during retirement.
People spend the majority of their life trying to accumulate wealth for retirement but very little time planning how to use their money when they need it. While there is a plethora of options available for individual's retirement funds, annuities are the only vehicle that can provide that consistent and stable income stream.
"50% of Employers carve out highly compensated Executives for Additional Benefits; Executive Disability Is Among the most common additions"
At Fortify Insurance Group we can customize individual and executive insurance programs to include: Individual or Group Disability, Key Man Life and Disability and Buy/Sell Life and Disability insurance. [ more + ]
"Without the experience of an expert like Fortify Insurance Group, a case this size and this complex would be in jeopardy. More firms need to understand the value of working with a specialist like The Fortify Insurance Group for their Group & Executive Benefit planning."
Insurance Company Executive; Los Angeles, CA
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